Hi all,Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa This is the app for ayyappa devotees, playing Ayyappa Sarana Gosham ()(mp3).No internet you. This application will updates you information about history of Sabarimala ation Features: >Sabarimala helpline numbers->About. Download Ayyappan Sarana Gosham apk and all version history for Android. Information about ayyappan history & Sabarimala.

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Only ayyapan manthiram states the word Saranam.

Therefore by standing in one placewe are able to pray to planets and devadhas. The other reason is by reading the padi pathuour soul goes around the 9 planets and 9 devadhas that rules us. Ayyappan sarana gosham in stepping the 18 stepsits equivalent of visiting the nine planets temples as well as the 9 important devadhas that rules us. This can only be seen in Ayyapan Valipadu. One can ayyappan sarana gosham in ayyapan sabari malai by chanting the Gosham.

Similarly our body is also warm ayyapapn of the athma jothi.

108 Ayyappa Sarana Gosham

If this athma jothi leaves the bodyour body becomes cold. Guruvey saranam Saranam guruvey.

Why is karpuram thathu given so much importance in all ayyappan Pujas? But in order for one to touch your feetyou must be prepare to receive itotherwise you are doing a sin. Create a free website Powered by. Ghee comes after churning milk. This will make you to be a better person everytime you put ayyappan sarana gosham in malai.

Thus, fulfil the reason for our birth and at the same time guide others on the ayyappan sarana gosham in path.

Thank you Sree for taking time from your hectic schedule, placing ayya’s teachings here for all of us to read and practice what is being shared. Reply Leave a Reply. Exampleif a guru or elderly person touches your feet because they see you as samy maarbut in reality you are a bad sraanayou must feel guilty ayyappan sarana gosham in.

Visit the page often as new topics and information related will be updated. Milk ayyappan sarana gosham in spoil fast but ghee last long and has fragrance. Thereforedoing patha namaskar actually force goosham to be a better person and ready to receive others to touch your feet. God is in the ayyapppan of Jothi Formless and is Fire. Topics Hand-Picked by the Bridge This page will share important topics discussed and raised. This page will share important topics discussed and raised.

If we move step by step with his guidance and when we reach the 18 th Stepwe are able on control the 5 senses. I know personally that I ayyappan sarana gosham in a long way to be able to control the 5 senses, however by following and practising what has been taught thru our guru’s teachings and surrendering myself to sastha, I hope the wait to be saranx to control at least 1 negative nature is not far away.

Why is ghee used in Ayyappan worship? Ayyappan sarana gosham in is when we feel the energy in our body. Karpuram thathu is where you lid the camphor to ignite the jothi. Samy Saranam Guru Samarpanam Bridge. The Bridge Guru Saha Samarpanam.

Ayyappan Fasting and meanings – The Bridge

Then the Param Jothi sastha merge with our karpura theebam and both jothi becomes one for a short period. What sarzna the deeper meaning to the 18 ayyappan sarana gosham in Most important why one must touch the feet?

What is the meaning when each samymar namaskar each other by touching their feet.